These Benefits Are Too Good to Ignore

Our full-service solution makes designing, delivering, installing, and maintaining your lighting easier and more cost-effective than ever.

Sun Bright Led Systems LLC

Power Savings

The power consumption for the LED conversion reduces the average utility bill by approximately 30% to 35%. The utility savings realize from switching to LED lighting generally pay for the conversion cost in less than two years.


Lighting Quality

LED lighting eliminates the health issues related to florescent and incandescent lights. Florescent lighting and the ballasts necessary to run them contain toxic wastes, including PCBs, mercury and will soon be illegal to produce.


Low Maintenance

Lighting maintenance costs are dramatically reduced as replacements are very few and far between. No more ballast failures as ballasts are either bypassed or eradicated.



Most utility companies offer rebates to promote LED lighting conversions. These typically range from 35% to 50% of the changeover cost. We assist in preparing the required rebate request documents.


Tax Credits

The IRS offers a 60¢ per interior square foot incentive allowance for LED lighting conversions. This can add up to a significant tax deduction for your business. We provide the necessary documentation for securing this credit.



Replacing inefficient lighting technologies with energy-efficient lights can contribute to significant environmental benefits. LED light systems typically produce 100,000+ hours of illumination at greatly reduced energy expenditures.

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Our mission is to help businesses make smart energy choices.

Sunbright is paving the way to a brighter, more sustainable future with custom LED lighting. From design and manufacturing to installation and maintenance - we are your full-service lighting solution.

For 15 years we’ve perfected our turnkey LED lighting retrofits solutions for commercial and industrial buildings. We offer a free lighting survey and energy usage audit of your facility and a free assessment of your detailed requirements.

LED is better for the environment

Florescent and incandescent lighting produce a great deal of heat, which affects the environment and also increases the load on your air conditioning. LED lighting’s inherent low energy consumption reduces overall utility demands and the associated carbon emissions and atmospheric warming.

We build efficency and convience right into our retrofit process

A LED retrofit does not require a lighting redesign, and structural changes are rarely made to accommodate the retrofits. On most occasions, the retrofit will use the existing lighting system. Each fixture will be re-wired to accommodate the new LED bulbs. For fluorescent fixtures, the new LED fixtures are directly wired into the supply, eliminating the ballast.

The LED retrofitting process is done with minimal disruption to the operation of the company. If necessary, the conversion can be completed out of regular working hours. The length of time needed for a full retrofit is dependent on the size of the project — from a few days up to a month. The full financial payback from these conversions is seen after 12-18 months.

Get a free lighting survey and energy usage audit

LED reduces lighting costs allowing you to add to your capital instantly. Converting your Commercial Property to LED is easy and FREE.