LED Lighting Makes Better Business Sense

A changeover to LED lighting can directly reduce your monthly electric bills by up to 70%

LED reduces lighting costs allowing you to add to your capital instantly.

Find out how much money you can save by switching your current lighting systems to LED.

Monthly Electric Bill
Your Estimated Savings
The information in this calculation is provided soley as a convenience to you, and is to be used for informational purposes only. For an advanced calculation, call 719.465.3886 for a free consultation, today.

Full financial payback from LED conversions can been seen within 12-18 months

We provide a variety of financing options with NO down payment required. Most investments in LED conversion are completely PAID OFF in under two (2) years. Our LED bulbs come with a full five (5) year unconditional warranty on all installed LED lighting, making the decision to switch essentially risk-free.

Cost Savings add up with an LED Conversion


Savings on Monthly Electric Bills


Rebates from the Power Company


Credits from State and Federal Taxes


Limited Need for Hardware and Labor

Savings You Can Count On

Our LED lighting experts can accurately evaluate your current usage and demonstrates the savings you can experience by switching to LEDs.

Case Study

This graph shows the actual eight (8) month power savings experienced by one of our customers after converting to LED lighting. Install happened in late April. The client averaged over 40% in utility savings (~ $900 month) simply by switching to LED lighting. As a bonus, the new LED lights provided better lumination for both customers and employees.

case study

LED Conversion Process

Lighting redesign is not required when converting to LED, and on most occasions, will use the existing lighting system. Our process is done with minimal disruption to the operation of the business, and can even be completed out of regular working hours.


Our team of professionals arranges a survey and energy usage audit of the entire facililty (free service).


We provide a detailed plan for the conversion process along with the cost savings from your investment.


We present a variety of financing options with NO down payment required.


Most utility companies offer rebates to promote LED lighting conversions. These typically range from 35% to 50% of the changeover cost. We assist in preparing the required rebate request documents.


The IRS offers a 60¢ per interior square foot incentive allowance for LED lighting conversions. This can add up to a significant tax deduction for your business. We provide the necessary documentation for securing this credit.


Replacing inefficient lighting technologies with energy-efficient lights can contribute to significant environmental benefits. LED light systems typically produce 100,000+ hours of illumination at greatly reduced energy expenditures.

Energy efficient lighting has a positive impact on the environment, and on your bottom line.


  • No-Capital Upgrades
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Free Maintenance
  • Inflation Protection


  • Custom Designed Solutions
  • Better, Safer Environments
  • Eco-friendly Lighting
  • Better Technology


  • Eco-friendly Lighting
  • Better Technology
  • Less Harmful CO2 Emissions
  • Longer Lighting Life Span

Get a free lighting survey and energy usage audit

LED reduces lighting costs allowing you to add to your capital instantly. Converting your Commercial Property to LED is easy and FREE.

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