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Company Values, Case Study & Warranty

Sun Bright LED Systems LLC offers LEDs which are DLC-listed and UL/CUL-certified. We offers a five-year or 50,000-hour warranty (whichever occurs first) on all products that we install.

With normal use of the LEDs (8 – 10 hours/day), the bulbs last as long as 20 years. Our sourcing has been tried and tested over several years, and we have less than a 1% return.

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Why Choose Us

  • We also have a detailed computation of the return on your LED investment with a five-year warranty.
  • Our team of professionals arranges a personal walk-through of the entire LED conversion process.
  • Our financing is available with no down payments.
  • We have optimized products at competitive pricing.
  • We work with the world’s premier LED manufacturers.

Sun Bright LED Systems LLC Case Study

Please check out the graph of actual eight-month power savings experienced by one of our customers after converting to LED lighting!

Sun Bright Led Systems LLC
Over 40% Utility Savings Averaging ~ $900 Month Simply by Switching to LED Lighting!

If you want to schedule your free assessment or for more information, please call at our toll-free number (844) 319-9484 or telephone at (719) 465-3886 .You can also submit the inquiry form.

Our unconditional Five Year Warranty

In the Industry, no one offers a better or more comprehensive product warranty than Sun Bright LED Systems LLC. Please check out our simple-to-understand warranty. 

Express Warranty Claim Form

Express Warranty Claim Form

While we know our products are top-tier and as reliable as possible, we also know electronics can fail.

If you have purchased our product and have experienced a failure or have a technical question, please fill out this form and we will email you with instructions on how to facilitate your replacement.


We provided a free lighting survey and energy usage audit of your facility